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I’m Maayan Lea Ben Ami, a multidisciplinary artist & therapist from Jerusalem. I also teach and lecture about the process of sewing the priests (Cohanim) garments for the third temple.
What unifies my wide-range of occupations is my never ending search for a connection with G-d (or the Shchinah) 
I grew up by the seaside and my art is inspired by the sea and sand. According to the Zohar the sea represents the hidden world (Alma Deitkasia) and represents the concealed parts of a human’s soul, those aspects that motivate us to take action in this world and give depth and meaning to our actions. The texts of our sages, Chassidus and Kabbalah are the foundation on which I pave my way for new ideas, discourse and creativity.
I create with acrylic paint, white cement, silicone and a variety of materials, an ongoing process of elevating the mundane.
All my art gives an expression to my ongoing aspiration to connect with the divine (holy/Shchinah/G-d). This also is what drives my therapeutic work where I meet people that are searching for ways to heal their souls.
My vision is to bring more love to the world, to connect the pieces and bring happiness every home.

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